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February 12, 2013



"and his nomination of Caitlin Halligan has met with strong resistance from Republicans in the Senate".

EVERY nominee President Obama has made has been met with resistance, its taking a year (or more) to get candiates votes who end up being confirmed 98-0..

And by the time Caitlin Halligan or Sri Srinvasan gets confirmed, they'll be ready to take senior status the following day...

Alliance for Justice

From today's statement from Alliance For Justice President Nan Aron:

“Most D.C. Circuit cases will never be reviewed by the Supreme Court.
The D.C. Circuit often stands as the final arbiter of President Obama’s legislative legacy and decades of policy achievements long supported by the American people. We call upon the Senate to quickly confirm the pending nominees for this court, and we urge President Obama to nominate strong judges who understand the role of government in protecting everyday Americans.”

The full statement is available here:

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