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January 29, 2013



Like publishing society's most vital knowledge is "having nothing better to do?" Not!
And stealing the stuff that its custodian gives away for free is akin to burglarizing my family heirlooms? I don't think so.

ColorBlind's comment reveals not someone who's impartial, but someone who harbors a remarkably venomous hatred, which makes us all wonder why.


I wonder just how willing the other posters here would be to rally behind the late Mr. Swartz if he'd broken into their homes and stole certain documents or grandma's antique candlesticks.

One needn't necessarily be a fan of Ms. Ortiz or her purported tactics in dealing w/Swartz in this case to nonetheless be strongly in favor of stiff prosecutions of those who violate property rights, online or otherwise. Whether it's Swartz, the little Army dweeb who got into bed (figuratively) with WikiLeaks' Julie Assange, or thousands of other hacktivists with nothing better to do than take that which does not belong to them because they've convinced themselves that "information should be free," frightening examples must be made of them.

Put simply, it's difficult to summon up too much sympathy for Swartz -- a neurotic genius who didn't think the rules applied to him -- nor even for those less gifted who will be appropriately hounded by investigations and prosecutions in the future.

Laura J. McGarry

The crux of the problem is the behavior of government toward its citizens and the fact that when the government is at risk of having intrinsic corruption exposed, no matter which branch, heavy hands will follow. We are out numbered by those who have abandoned the principles behind justice and are being served by the self-serving which means no honest service. When the hearings take place in DC the following needs to happen:

The Office of General Counsel from the Administrative Offices of the US Courts needs to be confronted at these hearings because the stone covering the PACER incident needs to be turned; this was a huge embarrassment to the FBI where their harassment of Aaron over the PACER download ended with the fact that absolutely no law had been broken. The aforementioned makes the current situation look like a “We got him this time” scenario chased by some heavy handed retaliation.

Was US Attorney Ortiz pressured by the US Courts to pursue Aaron is a question that MUST be asked! Further, US Attorney Ortiz needs to be asked why she felt she should be so heavy handed on Aaron when her office chose to ignore alleged computer fraud by court staff which was supported by material evidence submitted to her office such as court dockets and filings as well as affidavits? US Attorney Ortiz needs to be asked why the FBI and her office ignored alleged fraud by staff at the USDC of Massachusetts and First Circuit where computers provided to them by the tax payer were used with the purposeful intent to obstruct justice. US Attorney Ortiz needs to be asked why no action was taken when her office was informed that these acts were not only carried by clerk staff but, also, carried by a Magistrate Judge and an Assistant Circuit Executive with the Title LEGAL AFFAIRS who felt she could render fraudulent documents with an inactive law license and post those documents on a government web site. Criminal defendants are not the only ones being abused in the very corrupt US Courts and the abandonment of principle, oath and duty by the front line staff in these courts is happening throughout this country; citizens are being robbed of life, liberty and property at the hands of corruption. Further, the federal court system has set the standard and many state courts throughout the country are following suit; they are also infested with corruption.

NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW yet Aaron with his open records campaign, connections after working to defeat SOPA and general capabilities that could lead to full exposure of the corruption in the US Courts was the one being persecuted! Hopefully MIT will answer why they chose to bow to a corrupt federal government over standing by Aaron!!!

Emma Young

I hope this will cause the Obama administration and Congress to look beyond this isolated incident at the horrendous tactics practiced by DOJ prosecutors. This is not one bad apple; this is a bad crop created by DOJ emphasis on prosecutions & convictions and its total regards for justice or truth. Prosecutors will lie, withhold evidence, bully innocent people, and do anything else to get a conviction. They must be stopped.

Janet Innes-Kirkwood

I hope that Congress looks at how these plea bargains open people up to being manipulated by a type of psychological pressure when they are subjected to the process that uses stress to get people to give up their ability to defend themselves. It can be devastating and can make people more suicidal or subject to other health effects many that can be long term. Also individuals are being targeted for political reasons and are being used as a symbolic enemy in order for prosecutors to make a fleeting point in some press release. This has nothing to do with real justice especially when you look at fully grown people in the financial sector that did not have their doors knocked down and their stuff seized or threatened with their liberty being seized for decades. It is disgraceful what the DOJ is doing it is hurting people all across America. We have so many of our fellow citizens and children being destroyed by the very system that is supposed to keep the public safe.


The arrogance and basic lack of human decency, on the part of Carmen Ortiz and her lackeys, are really stunning: Carmen Ortiz’s Sordid Rap Sheet,

Petition the Obama administration to: Remove United States District Attorney Carmen Ortiz from office for overreach in the case of Aaron Swartz

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