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November 28, 2012


DC Tax Dollars

Again the goverment at its finest at avoiding the truth to this serious allegation of tampering with evidence and perjury. Wow if the same people who protect the nations Capitol are tampering with evidence, destroying how any innocent people have been wrongfully accused. This article is a serious crime and has not been in the high lights for fellow DC tax payers to follow this on going investigatin from 2002 that cost tax payers approximately 10 million dollars. The amount could be at a record high if found guilty.


Damn straight any police personnel or counsel involved in alleged tampering had better obtain their own counsel!

And they'd be hard pressed to say so themselves, since it would obviously sound disloyal and/or accusatory to suggest that one's interests in the truth might not be in the City's interest. It's hard enough for a law enforcement employee or advocate to start "thinking like a witness" - much less a potential defendant - instead of like a lawyer.

There ought to be a way to raise a suggestion that such hot-seat folks consider independent counsel without waiting til the judge sees an imminent threat to justice. This case didn't need further delay, and these witnesses didn't need an urgent scramble to protect their rights.

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