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October 26, 2012


Jeremiah Meyer-O'Day

@ BHirsh - without those "communists-in-sheep's-clothing," this country and most of the developed world would've had either actual communists or actual fascists running things since the Great Depression. FDR did not impose "socialism" on this country; the idiotic excesses of laissez-faire forced us to install a safety net, and he was just the instrument of that installation. That safety net is what you folks hate the most, right up until the moment you need it.


@ BHirsh -Misleading and opinionated comments can be quickly singled out with the use of "communist" in thier text. If you really are on the right side of election scrutiny, as a citizen of the US, you would not make this a partisan issue. Everyone stands to benefit from a more balanced Democracy, the left and the right. Clearly you are completely biased and hope to supress the democratic votes by pushing your hard "Extreme Right" message at the end. "Once and for all" I think you mean "Only people who agree with me should vote"


Good. The Democrats have been stealing elections for far too long, the most infamouis being the Chicago grand theft on behalf of John Kennedy.

It's time to stop the communists-in-sheep's-clothing once and for all.

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