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October 04, 2012


Rich Klein

Great post. For those law firm leaders out there who continue to believe that they don't need any social media presence, this is the best reason for getting on Twitter and Facebook ASAP. What if those websites went down for more than a day? A week? With Twitter, Facebook (and a WordPress blog) law firms can easily communicate with their critical audiences while the hosts fix the server problems.

John Simpson

One North Interactive’s commitment to clients and the market is complete transparency, which must also include errors and mistakes on our end. We acknowledge that this morning’s outage puts our clients in a very challenging spot and are working collectively as we speak to address all issues. Most importantly, please understand there was NO hacking or danger to site security. We experienced a DNS outage – an oversight in renewing a critical domain name. This disruption was a byproduct of the transition into our independent business.

The sites were unavailable or had intermittent services starting at 6:30 AM CDT this morning and we had renewed the domain name by 7:20 AM CDT. Sites began coming back up at 8:30 AM CDT. The corrective action will take between 24 and 48 hours to fully propagate across the internet. Our first priority is to focus on restoring service for our clients with our team reaching out to each client to walk them through any changes and questions.

John Simpson, CEO
One North Interactive
jsimpson[AT]onenorthinteractive [DOT]com


Could be need for better hosting or DNS management. Hope they're up soon, good luck!
Domains and Hosting


Some are still down after the 1:47 p.m. update, but it looks to be mostly smaller firms like Bowman & Brooke.


And they are still down. It is now 1:00.

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