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October 16, 2012


Ashley Clark

In the world of business, location is one great contributing factor in the success of a certain firm. Luckily, it's heartwarming to note that old locations are revisited and are now becoming beams of business centers. Well, law firms for this matter are caught me in surprise as they bring large scale amount of money.

Chandler Property Management

It is great to hear that downtown DC is finding revival. It has been a long time needed. Finding the right spot to center your business is important.

Dave Bonitati

I'm a little surprised to read that the legal industry is the second largest contributor to the city's gross domestic product, second only to the federal government. Do they count pro bono work as part of this total? I guess this is unique to DC where laws are made and therefore more lawyers are needed.

Brandon McBride

Can't shift too far east or you'll end up in the water!

Kidding. This really is intriguing.

Property for sale

In business, we always aim to get the greatest deal because it is in this thing that profit relies. Real estate experts and lawyers work hand in hand for the benefit of both parties.

brentwood homes for sale

The discussion between real estate experts and lawyer is really effective. After long time i have seen very interesting post.

Jarl Kubat

This article about Attorneys helping to drive the Real Estate market was interesting. I had never really thought about this aspect of the real estate market.

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