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October 16, 2012


Scott Hosler

We are doomed as a society, and it is ALL our elected officials, red and blue alike, the top 1% that is taking us down the rabbit hole! "Accommodation?" "Negotiation?" What about the Constitution? What about the law? We have foxes guarding our hen houses, and we simply cannot trust our elected officials any more! We need to take our country back ASAP, before they regulate us out of power. I believe Holder at best, and Obama at worst, are guilty as sin for fast & furious, and they are manipulating aand justice. Party lines? If fast & furious is as egregious as we think, as blatant as the NRA discloses, as unlawful as Mexico is reporting, then our Democratice elected officials MUST come clean for the sake of justice first, and the Terry family second. This is guilt by association, and if the Democratic elected officials side with Holder and the president only because of party lines and NOT for justice, then they too are guilty by association. Please, please, please, my neighbors and patriots, we must bring Holder and his cronies to justice.


Democrats want Judicial Restraint as long as it is not on health care, abortion, 2nd amendment, voter registration, citizenship or other liberal programs increasing dependence on government or reducing individual liberty.

Anna Kay Steadman

I can handle the truth, like many Americans. We deserve it as citizens and demand it as decisions are made with and without it!

Citizen Kane

Wonder if the US Marshall Service could start doing investigations under the authority of the US Courts and bring action. Would be outside the DoJ and Congress bickering.

Les Balty

Obama and his AG are in violation of their oaths of office to "...preserve, protect and defend the Constitution" nor have they executed the law or their duties "faithfully" or "to the best of (their) abilities". I can't believe how willfully deluded this president's supporters are. Shame on true patriots who support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC if we allow this tyranny to prevail.

Dominick B.

"...lest the constitutionally-sanctioned and time-honored process of negotiation and accommodation itself becomes a thing of the past."

That made me chuckle. Based on DoJ's responses to Congressional requests, I'd have to say it's already a thing of the past.

Jonathan lam

Did Eric Holder attempt to outplay Elliot Richardson? It was the other way around. Then, Committee on Judiciary, House of Representatives is not Archibald Cox either. If it is how the deal within the legislature and Executive branches to compromise; it is time to bring on Shapiro Agnew's safe, or did Louis Freech get time to have his talk on its jurors?...."how America is finalized justice with its blindfold or just labeled it as terrorism to justice system?" Mr. Robert needs a card unfolded in the eye of its beholders----Jo BIDEN’S FAUSTIAN DEAL.

Elliot Richardson was my friend, and it was not the way he did it. Call me:

God blesses America.

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