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October 17, 2012


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Ed Shendell

Hard to argue with some of his targets!

Darren McKinney

The County of Los Angeles and the State of California, soon to be named as the nation's worst "judicial hellhole" by my organization, need a bright and shiny new courthouse like LiLo needs another DUI arrest.

In additon to high taxes and absurd regulations, runaway litigation is driving businesses and jobs out of the once Golden State, which as a result now teeters perpetually on the brink of bankruptcy.

Spending hundreds of millions, much less a billion dollars on a courthouse to make parasitic personal injury lawyers and notoriously plaintiff-friendly judges feel even more comfortable while they're fleecing businesses, consumers and taxpayers would be about as insane and self-defeating as building a bullet train in the Central Valley.

In this regard, Sen. Coburn's review deserves two thumbs up.

-Darren McKinney, American Tort Reform Association, Washington, D.C.


Forget about the Oil Depletion Allowance man behind the curtain and howl about the one-time $325,000 funding of an educational film about rattlesnakes. What a hypocrite.

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