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September 06, 2012



Thank you for including this story. Most of our families arrived here as immigrants from somewhere, some a long time ago, fleeing oppression of all kinds. I'm 4th gen Californian but still am inspired by people like Mr Keam and what he has to teach us, in his unassuming way. And he is definitely at the right convention.

Kent Scheidegger

No, he is at the wrong convention. He is at the convention where the ideal is represented by the cartoon character "Julia," for whom dependency on government is not a transitory assistance in brief times of difficulty but instead a central theme of her life from cradle to grave.

Your comment equating the Tea Party with racism indicates profound ignorance. As for your claim that the Republican Party treats minorities as "tokens," that is false unless the Secretary of State and state governors are "token" positions.

It is the Democratic Party that believes people should be labeled by race and treated differently according to the label. For people who believe in being treated as individuals according to individual merit, the Republican Party is the right one.


@Kent, Mr. Keam is exactly at the right convention, where he is respected and not used or treated as a token or has to have things thrown at him or being spit upon by Tea Party members at the other convention.

He knows where he is in sync with lots of Americans who are immigrants and natives and also move up by working hard. In fact, most Democrats have moved up by working hard, oftimes for less pay, less opportunity, less privilege, but we believe in America and we believe in God.

Kent Scheidegger

Good for Mr. Keam and his belief in moving up through working hard.

Unfortunately, he is at the wrong convention.

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