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September 26, 2012



Madonna-Wright 2012

(Jeremiah Wright)

Gary M. Piwonka's so much deeper than that, if citizens would only take time to educate themselves. Ron Paul was a fighter....his son Rand Paul has just published a book "Tea Party Goes To Washington." Rand Paul is a Senator from Kentucky, and also a M.D., as his father. Read the's mind-blowing!

Lee Kolinsky

I support Gary Johnson as I supported Ron Paul, and still do. But he will not be able to participate fairly in this for the same reason Ron Paul was shut out of the Republican Party and that is because the "powers that be" don't want any such competition! They don't want the American people hearing too much about a candidate that supports everything they say they want.

Allan Donnelly

Johnson-Donnelly 2012


A genuine libertarian doesn't support the Sherman Act.

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