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July 12, 2012


mike thompson

DOJ and Holder are racist asses


Wells Fargo is the latest bank to settle for the practice of pushing their own customers to default so they can get the fees. The kinds of shenanigans the banks were allowed to get away with is outrageous. This practice was done by more banks and it seems without any care of their customers. It's good to see the customers win some retribution.


Wells fargo, did the right thing, because there are other issues that may come out, has to be more than 30,000 people that they cheated, I wonder what their real policy is on racial profiling, or what is the makeup of the board, how many people of color do they have in management, ect;ect


Hmmm, didn't Wells Fargo reluctantly take bailout money attached to their Wachovia acquisition and pay it back almost immediately? Must've p.o.'ed the administration a great deal! I think I remember a couple called the Sandlers ( whom Time magazine named as two of the "top 25 people Americans should blame the mortgage meltdown on ) who gave ACORN something like $11 million to on the stipulation that they would PAY protesters to attack Wells Fargo in California because they were their stiffest competition in the lending market Didn't our President work as an attorney for ACORN? Sounds like the AG is doing a favor in filing false charges on behalf of the Sandlers and BHO. I wonder how much money the Sandlers have given the Obama campaign or how on board they are with the idea of a centralized world bank as long as they get their grift?

K. Fowlero

Thetruth is we dont know what really happened because WF doesnt want to spend millions defending itself against a corrupt Attorney General and DOJ with unlimited resources to attack any business on any charges it wants. We dont know the whole story or the real truth is. So now there are hundreds of less options for borrowers in a market where it is already difficult or impossible to get a mortgage and more government control over the free marketplace.rates will go up and less sales will occur further damaging an already fragile economy. Amyone can allege anything and sue anyone So the rogue AG Holder can continue to hold American business hostage for millions of dollars.Sickening.

Ronnie De Mello

The DOJ should also take a look into Wells Fargo using unlicensed co-brokers, which is illegal to do in most states.

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