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June 21, 2012



It's precarious for anyone to be accused something like that, there's nothing special about it being a lawyer. Lawyers go morally (and criminally) astray just like anyone else - my point is that there is nothing to this case beyond that basic fact.


I think the wide implications for lawyers are clear in the last paragraph of the story.

Of course we're talking about a truly corrupt act, which is why it's so dangerous for any lawyer to be falsely accused of it!

Even if Daum is guilty, and even if he's the only guilty lawyer, we'll all look more suspicious, and we're all likelier to be accused - victimized by the same kind of conspiracy of our criminal clients that Daum is asserting now.


this case does not have wide implications for criminal defense lawyers, even potentially so. The conduct alleged here is not in an ethical "gray area" -- it is the outright fabrication of evidence, a truly corrupt act. I don't know whether the allegations are true or not, but if they are this is a lawyer went completely off the reservation.

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