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June 20, 2012



The Republicans, with the rare exceptions of such Representatives as Ron Paul and Walter B. Jones, have not shown much concern for human life in the past 11 years. They overwhelmingly endorsed the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, a.k.a., "Oil Central," which has caused the premature deaths of over a million Iraqis, provoked the emigration of five million refugees, destroyed one of the few secular societies in the Mideast, including almost the entire Christian community of that country.

The Republicans have shown little interest in the amount of innocent civilian casualties in drone attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, etc. Are those victims from Middle Eastern ethnicities someone how less worthy of Republican compassion than one Border Patrol agent and "300 Mexicans?"

Holder has promoted or retained individuals throughout the DOJ who give all the appearances of corruption. Stacia Hylton, whom he made head of the US Marshals Service, was clearly in the pocked of the for-profit prison industry, writing hundreds of millions of dollars in unnecessary and unjustifiably costly contracts to her industry associates while she headed the Office of the Federal Detention Trustee. Harley Lappin, whom he retained as Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, did the same, and moved instantly on retirement to the second highest multi-million dollar job at the Corrections Corporation of America, where his former Deputy Director Rick Seiter had seat-warmed the position for six years prior. (Hylton immediately began collecting about $28,000 a month from GEO Group on retirement two years ago.) Where are "fraud, waste and abuse" advocates on this issue? (The industry contributes millions annually in campaign donations.)

Bush DOJ officials such as Monica Goodling, Alberto Gonzales, Brad Schlozman repeatedly lied to Congress, under oath. Where are their indictments? Where are the indictments for those who lied to provoke us into an unjustifiable, multi-trillion dollar war? Why aren't Republicans complaining about this failure of Holder's obligations?

Holder has done next to nothing about those who stole billions from American investors and taxpayers. Yet he has gone around the country arresting dozens of accountable medical marijuana providers who that have been sanctioned and received oversight from those states in which they produced regulated crops.

Instead of bringing those who brought the country's economy down the drain before the bar, Holder has chosen to squander millions prosecuting the likes of John Edwards. Edwards may be a despicable individual, but why has Holder devoted those resources to such a useless prosecution which will not benefit taxpayers in the amount of a single penny? Why did he spend as much going after Roger Clemons with such a flimsy case? Why aren't Republicans questioning his bizarre priorities?


More Republican grandstanding.

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