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June 13, 2012



Grassley should place blame on Republicans for failure to not have a roll call vote...There is no way Majority Leader Reid can orchestrate a voice vote (type of confirmaiton) without support from the GOP...I think after cloture is invoked, an up/down vote must occur after no more than 30 hrs. of debate..

The Old Poltroon

Wait, what? If stare decisis applies to Roe v Wade, why should a former law clerk's account of his role in the decision disqualify him from the bench?

Or does stare decisis only apply to precedents that the ranking member agrees with?

Darren Joyce

Ummm, has Grassley heard of Wikipedia? Tons of circuit judges have been confirmed without roll call votes since 2002 -- go here ( for a list of Obama circuit judicial nominees who were confirmed without roll call votes, including James Graves, James Wynn, Albert Diaz, Scott Matheson and Kathleen O'Malley. Now, perhaps Grassley meant the last time a (theoretically controversial) circuit judge got a voice vote *after* a cloture vote, yeah, that might have been 2002. But that's slicing things pretty narrowly!

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