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May 21, 2012


Adidas Bounce

tks for your sharing. MA, ME, NH and RI -- includes Puerto Rico -- and our judges go there in January to confer.


Kozinski should send them a reciprocal "inquiry," in his classic style. The courts is a co-equal branch of government and should not have to answer like subordinates.

Wade Coye

Monitoring such discretionary spending is obviously heightened after the GSA debacle, which was blatantly excessive. However, on this one I do not think its a mere coincidence that Republican law makers are going after the Ninth Circuit (the most liberal circuit). Also, lets remember that every big company and law firm offers competitive benefits like paid vacations. If we want to retain some of the brightest minds in the country, there should be some perks, although government tax dollars are at a premium these days. We need to find the balance between the GSA bonanza and not allowing public employees any enjoyable professional conferences.

Pete in SD

This is such a silly partisan tempest in a teapot it would be funny if it were not true.

By the way - what was the cost in paper and ink (plus postage) of those letters?

This was a waste of taxpayer money and if I'm paying your salary I expect you guys to legislate not speculate.

Thomas A. Barnes

Steve, you and David just don't get it. Grow up, pay your bills and tell the readers of your snide comments how many government checks and programs you are benefitting from that we are helping to pay for. The new $5T debt that Obama has rung up since 2009 is the problem....spending money that we don't have. This country was broke BEFORE Obama took office but he has made it worse instead of better, especially with type of help he is getting from the Nith Circuit Court. Let politics take a back seat and deal with the facts, please. If you have more than opinions regarding Sessions and Grassley, put your facts where your mouths are.

Wounded Vet

eli b

Wait until one of these guys notices that the First Circuit -- MA, ME, NH and RI -- includes Puerto Rico -- and our judges go there in January to confer.

Bill Spohrer

Last time I checked, California was also in the 9th Circuit.

David Humphrey

I would love to read how Sens. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala) spend our tax money...wonder if they voted for the bail out. It amazes me that Republicans are so fiscally responsible when a Democrat is President, but let company's like Black Water run crazy when no one is watching!

Thanks for looking out for the tax payers boys! You are the best :(


Do these Senators and their committees apply similar published scrutiny to conventions and related travel and "activities" expenses incurred by members of both houses of Congress, paid for with governmental dollars or (maybe more frightening) private constituent or lobbyist dollars? As far as the Judicial Conference is concerned, are government dollars paying specifically for the Zumba, surfing, etc. activities?

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