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May 10, 2012


G.D. Holcombe

In response to Tyrone Jackson's post: (A)He was probably let off for as long as he was precisely because he was black--it was an advantage to have the authorities worried about being accused of racial bais, which is exactly what the defendant did; and (B) perhaps he wasn't accused of fraud because there was no harm to anyone; i.e., maybe he got good results for his clients? (I know plenty of smart non-lawyers I'd rather have represent me than some bozos who managed to pass the bar, but can't practice law competently to save their lives.)


Is HE A LAWYER OR not???


Zoe Tillman's portrayal of a 20 year case is a gross misrepresentation of the events that have essentially transpired. Mr. Brookens is an attorney, and his work in the district began before the laws had changed. One should take the time to read into the full story.


I'd say it's likely that they may have LET HIM SLIDE because of his color. It's not like he didn't know what he should have done. In two decades he could have gone to law school six times.


they would follow a white man for so long, I agree with Brooks.

Tyrone Jackson

Yes, of course he's being prosecuted because he's black. Everyone knows that if you are black, you are supposed to be able to misrepresent yourself as an attorney. My only question is why is he not being prosecuted for fraud? If he's "maintained an office in Washington starting in the late 1970s", that implies he's been taking money from people who thought they were hiring a real lawyer, not a fake one.

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