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April 26, 2012


L. A. Chancey

Senator Lee's "NO" vote supported nothing. If he is upset with the president, he should argue his point, not stomp around like a little boy who had his toy taken away. Our Founding Fathers would have laughed at his idiocy.

Samuel Golden

Senator Lee's childish, churlish action will assure that he gets real opposition when he next runs for reelection. Recess appointments have ben used by Republican and Democratic presidents alike. And the alleged loop hole of keepin the Senate in session when it was not in session, I hope will be ignored by the Courts.


Sounds like Senator Lee is acting childish.

L.A. Chancey

Senator Lee's "NO" vote supported the Constitution principles most Americans believe in, a rational approach to the balance of power. Thank you Senator Lee for standing by your principles and upholding the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.

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