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April 30, 2012



How sad, the racist power hungry Greek lobby tries to play victim again. Turkey didn't commit any form of agression whatsoever. If the faschist EOKA terrorist junta did not ethnically cleanse the Turkish speaking population in Cyprus, then there would not have be an intervention to begin with. It is the fault of the Greek Cypriot population that they did not protest against the Faschist EOKA in the 1950s-1970s. They are at fault for splitting the island. Cyprus would have been unified if EOKA faschists did not pull of any ethnic cleansing, period.


Turkey's invasion and occupation in 1974 was illegal under every single international law. To this day it occupies nearly 40% of the country and has 20,000+ troops stationed there.

The so called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" is a figment of Turkish imagination and has been used regularly by successive Turkish governments as a nationalistic vote winner.

The fact is that no country in the world recognises this puppet state.

Turkey needs to comply with international law, remove its troops and end this illegal occupation.

Ali San

To refresh the memory of those too old to remember, or too young to care to find out, the Turkish Military intervention put an end to ethnic cleansing of the Turkish community by the Greek Cypriot leadership in their attempt to unite the island with Greece under the "direction" of a thug named Sampson. Mutual respect is a must for the peaceful co-existance of these two communities on the island.

Anne Roberts

I didn't know Julio Iglesias can still create a ruckus like this.

T. George

Turkey illegally invaded and ethnically cleased the rightful occupants of the northern part of Cyprus. Turkey does not "own" North Cyprus. North Cyprus is owned by it's rightful occupants, the 200,000 refugees which were forced to leave their homes by the Turkish army in 1974. Russia should invade Turkey and give back the North to it's rightful owners.

Zoe Tillman

Hi Vaughan - thanks for pointing that out, I've made the correction.


Vaughan Williams

Cyprus didn't gain independence from Turkey, but from Britain. The Greek Cypriots then tried to cleanse the island of Turkish Cypriots eventually causing Turkey to intervene before genocide might take place.


Turkey owns North Cyprus & should invade the South too

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