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April 02, 2012


Samuel N. Omwenga

It's a shame a blog of your caliber cannot get simple facts of a case and presents others in a distorted manner as you have in the reporting of the story about Omwenga appellate hearing. The alleged amount of misappropriation is $550 not the $2050 out of handling $46,000. The amount of savings I negotiated for my client was not $2050 but $14,000. The $2050 was an additional savings after the client agreed to pay $48,050 and I did not "keep" this amount as you erroneously state in your story but this money was returned to the client minus the $550 kept as legal fees and now is preposterously being claimed as misappropriation. All this is in the record.

I am therefore demanding and expect a correction of the story to reflect these facts.

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