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April 23, 2012


Kathleen Rand Reed

Peter Krauthamer and his attitude on the bench put the “gentle” in gentleman. I am not an attorney. In fact, I take my guidance on the bright line of what I can and can not do in a courtroom from Pamela Satterfield who sits on the UPL or Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee in the District of Columbia. I assist a woman who has multiple sclerosis and is motorized wheelchair and bed-restricted as her Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA). She faces the apocalyptic four Horsemen reserved for many African-American women: race, gender, class and want. In short, she is a woman, low-income, a senior and African-American. Because she is a "one-house landlady" – emphasis on houseowner rather than tenant -- it is extremely difficult for her to find a pro bono attorney willing to help her evict a recalcitrant tenant with designs on her house because of her condition and terminal illness. In a hearing before Krauthamer in Landlord and Tenant court, he was like a tightrope walking Wallenda in his balance of interests. He managed to bring compassion and respect to his approach to the disabled woman and yet hold her responsible for repairing her house. He managed to give the tenant her rights, per se, but allow her no ability to run victimhood game. He cut me some slack in that he allowed me to advocate a bit for the disabled woman, but not speak too much because of UPL and the Pro Se status of the Plaintiff. He will bring some of the most deft skills and fairness DC has seen to the bench. Congratulations, Judge Krauthamer and congratulations to his wife, Tanya Chutkan for nurturing his creative style.

Kathleen Rand Reed
The Rand Reed Group

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