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March 09, 2012


Emma Tameside

Thanks for posting this Zoe, it's a great writeup on the NBLSA event. I agree that unpaid internships can really look good on your resume, and sets students apart from the hundreds of similar applications for good jobs. Anything you can do to really make your portfolio of experience shine is a good thing in any professional industry, legal included!

I think it's really difficult for today's generation to remove themselves from social media completely... it's just a significant part of our lives and the way we communicate, but yes, it does present potential problems for those who must work in the legal field and I've know people not get jobs because they shared too much of their private life online.

I think all of the advice in the article are useful for new students who are studying their graduate diploma in law and I certainly don't think it applies solely to the black community. This wisdom is useful for everyone!


Excellent advice.

Carla Savage-Wells

As a communications educator, I take this opportunity to echo, Judge Long's advice regarding social media sites. Along with the ubiquitous finger salute with beverage picture, be mindful of what's being done in the background of photos, the pages one "likes" and the choice of "friends". I also view with pride, the inclusion of one of Judge Jackson's newest clerks, Mr. Jamar Walker, my former student, on the panel pictured. Looks like a great conference.

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