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March 26, 2012



(1) The State Department want to be above the law. This is wrong.

(2) There is no crediable "highly classified" documents. All "highly classified" documents were examined in severals courts in EU, France and England. All of them were bogus allegation coming from Iranian government.

(3) "against the backdrop of this nation’s dealings with both Iraq and Iran". This means this listing political and we FEAR Iran. That's shame.


The Justice Department seems to be doing everything it can to buy the State Department more time to continue its policy of appeasing the Mullahs in Iran. The real problem lies inside the State Department where the Iranian Ministry of intelligence has focused its lobbying effort since the early 1990s. Former employees of Iranian oil consulting companies held jobs at the Iran desk. The "classified" information that the court speaks to is years worth of Iranian propaganda that has been ruled out in several other courts around the world.

The days of negotiating with the tyrants in Iran needs to come to an end. The people of Iran need their resistance movement unshackled. Unfortunately, corporate oil companies with the use of their Iranian-backed lobbies in the US have shaped foreign policy with respect to Iran which prevents a tough stance against the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism.

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