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January 24, 2012



I have "Protested" within the NPS-held Cape Hatteras National Seashore, (IE: Handing out informational flyers concerning Beach Access to motorists), and I had to apply to the NPS for a PERMIT to do so.

I was also given strict instructions as to where I could/couldn't stand, the hours I could be there, and that I could not leave the designated area to "canvass" drivers, PERIOD, under penalty of law.

Given those facts, the NPS is absolutely engaging in "Selective Prosecution", and Jarvis' statement that “We take exactly the same approach every time”, is a demonstrable falsehood.

Congressional Hearings are in order here.


"Zick said that Occupy D.C. was unique in that it sought “permanence of place…as part of its message,” [and] "protected by the First Amendment in the same way as spoken words."

Right, so "the National Park Service’s decision not to arrest or cite any protesters for sleeping" among other affronts was fair and apolitical?

My family saw similar prejudice in Richmond--criticism of, & fees extracted from, the clean and legal Tea Party whilst reticence to enforce, arrest, or bill those of OWS--and we saw it here in Syracuse.

I am increasingly becoming a more conservative Independent, thanks to repeated disingenuousness like this from the left.

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