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January 31, 2012


Ralphie B.

As a DC resident, I see no value to these "occupy" protests. I've witnessed thousands of protests and marches over the years and even participated in some, the difference being they had goals and this group seems to have nothing more than broad over generalizations. What does camping in our parks do? Get off Freedom Plaza as you make the city map impossible to view and get out of McPherson before you kill all the innocent plant life. You have outlived your usefulness, how many are even actually from DC?!?!?

Joe Smith

Please leave - we want our parks back! Don't ordinary citizens have rights too? I wish the Occupy groups would get involved in public life in a way that could actually bring about change - such as helping like-minded candidates win elections - instead of just annoying people and creating eyesores.


We are being subjected to a police state where protesting is not being tolerated. These evictions exemplify the suppression of our civil liberties including the right to organize, one of the basis rights set forth by our founding fathers. Police brutality is running rampant under orders from Governors who have their pockets lined with Wall Street and Special Interest monies. Stand up and lend your voice with these free posters I was compelled to design on my artist’s blog at

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