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January 31, 2012



Illegal is illegal. I'm sick to death of the criminals in office blatantly ignoring the law, getting caught, and nothing happens. The law applies equally TO ALL. I don't think Obama has ever read the Constitution, if he had he would know he committed treason when he declared war on American's with the NDAA. He'd also know the bill would be null and void. Ya can't go changing the constitution without an amendment. "Any law in any state contrary to, notwithstanding" Key word- NOT - WITH - STANDING, meaning the bill doesn't have standing. Unenforceable.

A Facebook User

Operation fast and furious ... where the grand stupidity of the DOJ is matched only by its resources! The Justice Department needs a legal lobotomy! All involved directly or indirectly should be fired for either staying silent, participating or masterminding such obvious derelictions of duty to public safety. What it is even more scary is imagining these elite geniuses getting promotions. The sad thing is that nothing can ever bring back agent Brian Terry. May God rest his soul.


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