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December 16, 2011



Not surprising, we knew the situation would continue to get worse for Fannie and Freddie executives. They deserve the harshest punishments levied against them.

Ronald J Riley

So when are we going to see more people held accountable? So far all the really big fish not only have gone free but they also benefited from receiving bailout money which was borrowed and represents a mortgage on at least three generations. We are living in a new age of robber barons.

This is hard to believe. Our courts and legislature are more corrupt than the company executives that are getting away with theft. Why are they even talking about tax payers? If they cared about tax payers they would prosecute these PRIVATE CITIZENS and get back the money they stole. How is prosecuting thieves any more of a burden on the tax payers then letting them get away with it? These people got away with millions of dollars they stole, and now all they get is a pat on the wrist. They don't care about working, they were making millions of dollars a year, you really think they are actually going to work? Give me a break. Make them pay back the money, and send them to jail where they belong. Surely that will not happen after they undoubtedly filled pockets of the same people that are now entrusted with investigating the matter. I'm sure the new CEO was helped along by the old CEO and now feels, "ah no need to bother these guys", that's right help a good old buddy out. Fucking cock suckers.


Withholding Evidence from the court, is a crime. And knowing of that act as committing fraudulent acts is also a crime. As committing those acts with intent to hinder from prosecution is also a crime. And committed perjury under oath is also a crime. Just as falsifying documents, misleading evidence, misleading statements, as to hinder from wrong doing, as keeping from going to jail. Boy, I could list a lot more but I think you know what I mean.

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