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December 15, 2011



JoJo, I agree with you. This is madness. Americans live in a police state as evidenced by this case, the court's ruling and the fact the US incarcerates more of its population than any other country in the world, including China, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, Saudi Arabia and Syria, the countries that we routinely hold up prime violators of human rights. I'm wondering if there is a civil lawsuit in the works for violating his civil and constitutional rights.

JJ Swiontek


The Police choose to violate rights.

The people must choose how to respond.

One choice is to allow the search and then report the violation of rights under color or law. It becomes a federal issue.

Choosing to resist with physical violence is a poor choice.


Do we even really have Constitutional rights if there is no means to enforce them? We have reached the point where it must be asked whether this country, at least as originally envisioned, has reached its' end.

The police are entitled to attack an innocent man for no reason, then imprison him for defending himself against an illegal attack, and the government has virtually unlimited immunity and no oversight.

How is one to protect oneself from unlawful government action? This passes for freedom and democracy?

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