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September 19, 2011


Darren McKinney

With reports of forcible rape up 25% in D.C. over the past year (see today's Washington Post), and amid mounting and widely reported feminist protests about date rape and sexual harassment on college campuses nationwide, hyper-litigious gadfly John Banzhaf really ought to seek another means by which to grope feverishly for media attention.

Darren McKinney
American Tort Reform Association

Roland Arals

I am not sure what difference it makes. You are likely to find bisexual, gay, and lesbian roommates creating the same situation CU was trying to avoid.

Michael Caldwell, CU ' 68, ' 71

Professor Banzhaf's position is typical of so many liberal ideas: It is based on theory divorced from human experience. There are many practical reasons supporting the gender separation in dormitories policy--including issues of privacy, safety, modesty, and acceptance of the idea that males and females really are different (except, perhaps, at GWU Law School where one can't tell the difference). Additionally, CU is a distinctly religious institution. It is a Papal-chartered Catholic University. There are rules that Catholics are required to follow. Catholic teaching is that sex outside of marriage is immoral, sinful and destructive. Catholic teaching is also that Catholics are to avoid, insofar as it is possible placing themselves in situations where they will encounter temptation to sin. Housing hormonally driven adolescents in the same dorm at an age when they haven't even fully developed their judgmental faculties, and where they cannot otherwise effectively be supervised is placing them in such situations. The fact that Professor Banzhaf doesn't share those religious beliefs, or that he considers them to be medieval, is utterly irrelevant.

Tim Morgan

Next: get rid of same-sex convents and monasteries. Equal gender altar-children.

Not sure what the Prof's standing is, other than "we're not gonna take this lying down."

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