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July 18, 2011


Joe Jefferis

Ohio voters got it right with Cordray when they fired Cordray.

Joe Jefferis

When Cordray was asked by a single consumer in Ohio to investigate his purchase of a Southwest Windpower Skystream residential wind energy appliance, Cordray jumped in and made the Ohio Skystream dealer and entrepreneur retain a lawyer and investigated the Ohio Skystream dealer who was merely attempting to create a new job or two.

When the same local Skystream dealer requested the then Ohio AG Cordray to investigate General Electric's Southwest Windpower for making false claims and pushing an untested product on to consumers here in Ohio, Cordray was nowhere to be found. All the while GE's Southwest Windpower bypassed Ohio franchise laws and Consumer protection laws. Existing Ohio laws designed to protect Ohio consumers and investors were of no importance to Cordray.

Cordray - an attorney general willing to ignore existing laws is not good for the USA. We have enough politicians in Washington willing to ignore existing laws (Sarbanes-Oxley).

Cordray's record - investigate the local entrepreneur and protect the globally interconnected and systemically important.

Cordray will protect too big to fail and facilitate big business control over the consumer and call it "consumer protection". Consumers are too stupid to understand what is good for them and need to learn to obey the government's dictates on choice.

Ohio voters fired Cordray - Obama now want to promote Cordray.

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