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July 07, 2011



The plaintiffs' Complaint (linked by the story) claims that the incident occurred at a restaurant in a specific town/village in "the Samaria region of the West Bank." I've got to assume that they alleged that intentionally.

The $300 million is not per person; it's what the lawsuit claims on the basis of two deaths and three "severe" injuries. Still, that's a lot more than American lives are worth if a US defendant is sued. I know that an "ad damnum" clause doesn't mean much, and I wish people would pay less attention to it. Yet it still rankles, and I think it's a shame they picked such a high number - especially by 2002 standards.


The murder took place in a downtown Jerusalem restaurant, not in a "West Bank" pizzeria. Marc's comment is obviously ludicrous as he fails to distinguish between the intentional murder of civilians and unitentional casualties of war.


Wow, I wonder when the suits of the 100,000+ civilians who were killed in Iraq due to the illegal will start. So $300,000,000.00 per person; that's at least $30,000,000,000,000.00.

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