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July 07, 2011


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Jurors could not reach unanimity on a single count in a multi defendant , multi count indictment.

Stunning defeat and embarassment


While the government will have to expend more resources to retry the case, the government wins most retrials. Also, will these high
priced defense attorneys be able to affornd to spend another month in trial on this case?


hung jury was cause of mistrial


"What caused the mistrial? Was there misconduct by an attorney or witness? Juror misconduct? "

Exactly. What is the point of this article? How do you write an entire article titled "Mistrial declared in FCPA sting case" without writing a single word about the cause or effects of the mistrial?

I hate it when people waste my time.


Wow. This is A HUGE loss for the government. lenny Breur has been on a book tour touting the "strength " of this case.

what an embarassment.


This can't be good for DOJ given the numerous allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. I wonder if this gives momentum for current calls to reform the FCPA?

Andy Patterson

What caused the mistrial? Was there misconduct by an attorney or witness? Juror misconduct?

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