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June 09, 2011



More of the same. .Stifle any possibility of entrepreneurial attempts. Make it nearly impossible for anyone save a huge corporation (the SEC's Masters) to be able to compete with those already in power, unless the "usual suspects" are included. Which means you have to pay tribute to them. . There is no true freedom in this country anymore. .


I am not sure why one would complain about this action, if registered reps and investments firms are required to follow the rules then so should others. Yes the SEC has dropped the ball that caused serious losses for some, however the enforcement division recovers significant funds from defunct and poorly managed investment firms yearly.

How do you balance consumer confidence in the markets with the capitalism of free markets? That said, if these two had actually received money from all of these people everyone would be asking why the SEC did not stop them.
Damned if you do, damned if you don't

Joe Jefferis

Entrepreurial USA citizens beware, the SEC is looking for unauthorized would-be innovators and active prosperity seekers who engage in planning activities. Contemplating ideas and organizing participants without SEC authorization will get you on their list of targets - even before any money changing hands.

Take the SEC and the SECret agenda seriously. You've been served notice and warned.

Financial Stability Oversight and the suppressive new america.

P.T. Barnum

This mores than makes up for screwing up the Madoff fraud.

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