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June 08, 2011



"Given the talent available in New York City"..

Caitlin Halligan, Obama's DC Circuit nominee, is that type of talent...She has the education and experience...She has argued 4 cases before the SCOTUS...Most lawyers would be fortunate to argue 1 case before the high court, she has argued 4..She EASILY could have been nominated to the SCOTUS....She is about as well qualified a judicial nominee there ever was, and that is not hyperbole....And even with her stellar record, Senator Reid will likely have to file cloture to get her an up/down vote....So what i'm getting at is republicans are finding something to complain about with every nominee....It is nothing but partsian politics at its absolute worst....Republicans poor treatment of judicial nominees wasn't limited with Goodwin Liu, shabby treatment of judicial nominees is occuring pretty much on a non-stop basis....

Marcus E. Cohn

As a trial lawyer of 40 years,and an independent, I do not believe that these nominees should foist their lack of trial experience, both criminal and civil on either the bar or the civil litigants and criminal defendants who would come before them.
This not a political statement, but a practical judgement. Litigation is too expensive and the application of complex rules before and after trial-not to mention the rules of evidence-take years of practice to become intimately familiar with. judges must apply these rules quickly and correctly during a trial or risk an expensive and time consuming appellate process that can lead to an expensive retrial for both the government and private parties.
I respect the President, but his lack of practical experience before trial judges, as well as Sen. Schumer's, is showing. Given the talent available in New York City, these nominations are inexcusable.


Since 1/20/09 republicans have found something wrong with pretty much every judicial nomination of President Obama...

Even non-controversial nominees like Albert Diaz 4th-Circuit, waited 13 months for confirmation, and James Wynn (also 4th. Circuit) waited 9 months..Both were confirmed by "unanmious consent"...

Just more repubican games being played with Obama's judicial nominations...This is nothing new...

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