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May 18, 2011


SC Guy

While they didn't win an outright majority, the Republicans won most of the Senate races last year and it would clearly have been a majority under a different batch of senators running.
I think that the GOP should reject this nominee.


If republicans block Liu, then the democrats will be entitled to block the next republican presidents nominees...See, where we're going - if you keep playing the judicial blockade foolishness, it will NEVER end...Liu is too highly qualified to not get an up/down vote...."Extraordinary circumstances" are supposed to mean just that, EXTRAORDINARY...Examples of this would be a nominee facing disbarment, facing a crimnal charge, lying about his or her resume, etc...Being an Asian from SF who teaches @Berkley is not exactly an extraordinary circumstance, except perhaps to partisan fringe bloggers at the National Review & Town

It's high time republicans PRACTICE what they preach...During the last admin, republicans like Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Tom Coburn, etc. said ALL nominees are entitled to an up/down vote...Well, that same philosophy holds true when there is a democratic president...

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