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April 08, 2011


Roz- Johnson

Someone contacted me concerning James Q. Butler and the serious setback he caused my son. You number was inadvertently deleted from my call list. It is imperative that I speak with you.


Roz- Johnson

Whee can I find actual court convictions or citations against James Q. Butler? He really swindled me and caused my son a serious set back. He filed improper documents to the wrong court; you name it; he did it! I just need documentation and/or actual cases on line that I can retrieve that shows the pattern of this crook.

Chris D.

James Butler isn't a member of the Maryland Bar, so I don't know if he's practicing law here or not. Wouldn't surprise me to find that is is, without the benefit of a license! He has a hearing scheduled in Baltimore County, I guess he must have swindled someone there, too.

Turns out his business in Baltimore did go under. So much for hiding his stolen client fees.


Yep it is the infamous James Butler. I was one of his former clients that he screwed for their retainer. I'm still highly disappointed that the DC Bar didn't suspend his license way before I retained him. Sad he had so many compliants filed against him to the Bar but still they didn't stear protential clients away from him thus leading to me retaining him. After about a year and a half I finally was issued a check for my retainer amount but it was minus 400 bucks. The DC Bar claimed the deduction was for work Mr. Butler had did on my behalf. WTF!!! He didn't left a finger after I paid him. Talk about a crook. I didn't know he was back to practicing law in MD thanks for the heads up on that.

Keith J.

Is there an update to this? Someone said his business in Baltimore went under and his car was repossessed.

Chris D

Gilbert Farr was disbarred in 2004 -- the attorney in question was disbarred in 2009. I suspect it was James Q. Butler who now owns a sham business in Baltimore to hide the money he stole from his cliets.

Alan Kabat

Well, the DC Court of Appeals website lists only 2 attorneys who were disbarred on November 5, 2009. Checking their names on the D.C. Bar member database reveals that one was disbarred because he himself committed felonies in Maryland, while the other was disbarred because of numerous (over 40) complaints by convicted defendants. The May 1, 2009 committee hearing report gives the details, including his name. Not really anonymous?


It may be the following attorney who was disbarred and collected large criminal/post-conviction retainers for little to no work.

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