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March 23, 2011



Was the woman's quality of her work ever examined by anybody except her supervisor? If it is lacking, then her supervisor is doing her job by attempting to keep her on track and by asking others about her performance. This has nothing to do with the color of the woman's skin, it has to do with her effort and work ethic.


Wow! I naively thought that people in power positions who are racist, and ignorant of worldly events, were largely demoted from the work force. It is unconscionable that the actions of her obviously bright supervisor (she did graduate from Law School) was not reviewed, earlier.
Ms. Butler, I believe, wanted to be treated with respect, dignity and understanding- no different than any other person, internationally. My view is that no amount of money can right this wrong. Having the supervisor write an apology as well as being assigned an African American boss, might be a good start.

Marilyn Guido

Lol....Colorblind and Bob C definitely works for the SEC!

Bob C.

Sounds like she was a slacker and needed the extra oversight. I've dealt with her types before. Hope they fight this and she gets nothing.


So she takes four months off for child-bearing, additional time off to care for an allegedly ailing parent, works from home on a regular basis, and still wonders why her career has stalled? Good gravy. At what point are people obligated to take responsibility for their own choices and actions?

Natasha C. Mays

He who win the wars writes history and makes the laws to suit him and those of his likeness. Hope she gets alot more then 600k.

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