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March 14, 2011


Gabe Bruno

A mockery of the justice system brought to us by the Department of Justice in collusion with Bloch's lawyers. I don't think baseball player Tejada ruined others lives. Bloch was a government official who took an oath of office for cryin out loud!! Great credit to Judge Robinson for eeking out some justice from our dysfunctional, corrupt system.

Edward Jeszka

I can only hope that after having been harmed by the actions of Mr. Block that he receives jail for longer than thrity days. I have suffered for over two years with no possibility of being made whole as a result of his illegal actions. He should pay a price far greater than thirty days in prison. He should no longer be able to practice law as a licensed attorney. He is a disgrace to the many good and honest government employees he so casually destroyed as well as those that find his unethical, illegal behavior abhorent.

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