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February 11, 2011



If the NAACP wants to advance the cause of social justice, it should spend every dime it's got on a multi-year, multi-media campaign against the ongoing and self-dooming catastrophe that is out-of-wedlock child-rearing.

The fact that blacks bear and raise nearly three-quarters of their babies without responsible fathers is primarily why they are the least employed and most incarcerated people in America. And all the lawsuits that the NAACP's dwindling membership dues can buy won't appreciably alter that immutable, inconvenient reality.

Jenna Greene

John Payton is with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a separate organization. He's still there.

There was an interim GC at the NAACP who left to become GC of the Special Olympics last year.

Jill Smith

So what happened to her predecessor? (John Payton, I believe). That's newsworthy.

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