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August 10, 2010



Symbol for Prosecutorial Misconduct?? Stevens is a symbol for Congressional corruption! If you want to see a symbol for Prosecutorial Misconduct take a look at the political prosecution of Don Siegelman, former governor of Alabama led by Karl Rove stooges Leura Carnary and Alice Martin, U.S. Attorneys, one who still squats in the office to which she was appointed by the equally corrupt George Bush.

Marilyn in LA

If Ted Stevens is a symbol of prosecutorial misconduct, then someone is really missing the boat here. Just take an objective evaluation of Don Siegelman and what the corrupt prosecutors did to him in Alabama. Not only is that case rife with prosecutorial misconduct which took place during Bush's term of office, but Eric Holder and the Obama Administration have failed to take a fair look at what really happened to Governor Siegelman at the hand of US attorneys who were Karl Rove's intimate cronies. This popular Southern governor was targeted because of his hard work on behalf of the common people in his state, his effectiveness in bringing good-paying jobs to Alabama and his attempt to help kids who couldn't afford to go to college get there and have a chance at a better life. The current administration bent over backwards for Ted Stevens...a senator with a lot of taint. They gave him a big wet kiss and sent him on his way. Don Siegelman is still fighting to get back his good reputation, his deserved exoneration and the freedom which would allow him to get his life back on track. He is not a criminal and did not make deals for personal profit. Do your homework and then do what you can to get help Governor Siegelman get the justice he damned well deserves. Now THERE'S your symbol of prosecutorial misconduct!


Newsweek writer: "An old-school senator with a sense of entitlement and a blind eye toward conflicts of interest,.."

Nothing "old school" there. That sounds like every senator in the beltway.
You may not teach an old dog new tricks, but it appears you can teach a new dog old tricks with ease.

Peter R

How exculpatory was the evidence that was not produced?

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