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August 03, 2010



i smell crab mentality... - Bangkok Lawyer


As a liberal Democrat, it really pains me to have to say it --but Sessions has a point. I am a litigator of over 25 years experience and it thoroughly disgusts me that someone with these credentials is nominated to our highest court. I realize that such nominations are not without precedent. In fact, to my mind, too much precedent. In my experience, the best judges are those who have been in the trenches. The worst are those --like Kagan --with little real world legal experience chosen for their political smarts. It would be one thing if there were no learned, experienced potential candidates among sitting jurists. But that is not the case--so why aren't we picking the very best for our highest court? Isn't that the point?


Another democrat poll in favor. How Shocking!


Who's Jim?


All it is with Sessions is sour grapes. He was blocked from becoming a Judge on the Court of Appeals. Now he is nothing more than a grumpy man who only knows how to say NO. Jim give it up. Even Oren Hatch puts forth a more cogent argument than you.

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