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August 02, 2010


jm herskovits

Although our country has had even a civil war to promote the principle that we are a country for ALL the people, once again the "hooray for me and screw you" crowd has raised its ugly head!

Michael South


I hear you--but what makes it ok to take your money to bribe states to adopt national education standards? What makes it ok to take your money to fund the bombing in Bosnia? Etc. You are right--if they make you buy something your liberty _is_ gone. It's been gone for a long time. Maybe this will wake some people up...but we're way, way behind on this fight. It will take a long time to win back all that complacency and the siren song of supposedly "good causes" have cost us over the years.

You fund a bankrupt ponzi retirement scheme.

You fund a hugely corrupt medical assistance scheme.

You fund artists that create art that no one wants enough to pay for.

You fund bazillions of little projects that have no accountability, and when you point this out they create another office that you fund that is supposed to fix the problem.

It's been "ENOUGH" for a long, long time.


What makes it O.K to take my money to pay other people's medical bills? I work, I save, I give to charity but it should be my choice to give not the government's right to take. On top of that now they want to take my $$ to pay healthcare for illegals.

What will they demand we buy next, specific types of food, mandatory clothing??? Really what next??? If you let them make you buy something your liberty is gone!!!!

Enough, get your hands out of my wallet and go buy votes with your own damn $$$!!!

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