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June 22, 2010


Glenn Sugameli

Secret Holds Continue to Block Non-Controversial Federal Judicial Nominees

What does not happen can be vital, as in Sherlock Holmes’ dog that did not bark.

The most telling thing about the Senate agreement to confirm 60 nominees today is the fact that it did not include any nominees to fill 100 federal appellate and district court vacancies. (US Courts website).

What is unprecedented is that many judicial nominees who were unanimously approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee long ago are still being blocked by secret holds.

For more information, my Judging the Environment website has thousands of links to Senator statements, editorials, and more on Supreme Court and other federal judicial nominations and related issues such as access to courts.

-Glenn Sugameli
Staff Attorney
Judging the Environment
Defenders of Wildlife


And the repubs didn't filibuster the democratic nominees? Even though some of the nominees appear to be republicans.

Maybe some sanity is coming back to the republican party.

But until it stops being our "party of God", eg the Texas repubs calling for the jailing of gays (and you can bet they mean auschwitz, this line comes from the Family Research Council, a hate group per the Southern Poverty law center), no way in the world I would vote for a repub.

And I offer God my repentance for having been a repub for so many years, until he sent us that idiotic drunk on religion GWB to show us what we were dealing with in America - our own Talibangelicals.

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