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May 04, 2010



Its the height of irony that a black man is tryign to take gay rights away
Did this man not learn anything only 40 years ago when his rights were at stake?
Ignorance, thy name is Bishop Jackson

rick vogel

Interesting that a court is called upon to deem whether a petition for a referendum is legal when the referendum would allow a vote to essentially allow or deny 14th amendment constitutional rights.

I am glad the civil rights act did not go to referendum.


Good 'ol hateful "Bishop" Jackson sure does have a lot of time on his hands. Using religious views to try and hurt people who have done absolutely nothing to you is about as low as you can go. I have a feeling this argument won't go anywhere.


You lost multiple times. Give it up. That's what the conservative right wing keeps telling the pro-gay marriage side. Maryland residents have no right to try to interfere with something happening in the District of Columbia. Rights of a minority should never be put up to a public vote.

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