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May 06, 2010


Mike Fong Zhu

When average workers delay something, they are deemed irresponsible. When businesses delay on projects, they are breach of contract. When Senators delay, they "[exercise] their right". It seems Senators just cannot make tough decisions that the rest of us are expected to do. Do your job, Senators; cast an up/down vote; just don't delay.

Mike Fong Zhu, California


Republicans conveniently forget that they filibustered the nomination of Abe Fortas, when he was nominated by LBJ in 1968 to be the Chief Jusitce..I don't think another nomination to the SCOTUS was EVER filibustered....

And can Republicans please stop with the "judicial activism" blasts when referring to judicial nominees made by Democratic presidents....The translation of judicial activism is they (Republicans) don't like a decision so they come up with that label...

The irony is, if you want 2 glaring examples of judicial activism in the last 10 years, look no further than Bush V Gore, & Citizens United...Republicans like judicial activism when the result of a decision suits them...

As far as Goodwin Liu is concerend, democrats need to move quick on his nomination while they still have 59 Democrats in the senate, get him confirmed ASAP...


Republicans didn't event Borking? Maybe you need to go back and see how many nominations were voted out of committee under Joe Biden and Patrick Lehey vs Orin Hatch. Republicans have always tried to take their ball and go home, when they can't win!


The Democrats filibustered Miguel Estrada, who had every single one of the credentials that Liu has -- and more, had actual experience arguing in appellate courts and the Supreme Court (where Liu has almost zero litigation experience). The Republicans should absolutely filibuster this disgraceful nomination, and I hope they do. Turnabout is fair play.


Bork got his vote...He was defeated 58-42, w/six Republicans voting no....No one denied him his up/down vote...No one denied any far right idealogue (Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, & Ailito) their vote...

Goodwin Liu, like any nominee for any court, deserves an up or down vote....That really is not too much to ask....

Laurence J. Gillis

He should be glad he is not being "Borked". He is just being delayed, and then only for one committee meeting. In any case, how insensitive of the Republicans to hold up the process !

Of course, the Republicans did not invent Borking, so maybe they are not as good at this stuff as they should be.

Larry Gillis, Cape Coral FL

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