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April 06, 2010


Dustin Voss

What bothers me is that the candidates have to disclose to the best of their abilities, within reason. Their disclosure cannot be all-encompassing, and does not HAVE to be. Sounds to me like Liu has more than met the disclosure requirements.


I don't suppose for one second that any of the existing judges have managed to comply any better with this utterly ludicrous and physically impossible requirement. Shouldn't take ten minutes with google to find things that all the prior Republican nominees omitted. Same standards for all, right? The Republicans on the Committee surely can't be engaged in mere procedural obstructionism for purely partisan motives, can they?


If ignorance of the law is no excuse, neither is, "the dog ate my homework". How about taking illegal payments, like the LA county judges, and not disclosing them. If he came from California, he's corrupt. In stead of "confirming" more criminals to the bench, they need to clean up what they've got.

Jill Smith

Surely he should have listed all of his high school debates, the positions he took on each issue, the names of his partners and opponents in each debate, and the scores he received. And, don't forget the dinner-table discussions with relatives and friends. Why stop there?

Frankly, this review of nominees is getting ridiculous!

Ralph Hitchens

This is nonsense. No one is in any doubt where Liu stands on major issues, and people in his position ought to be able to say something like "I have written or spoken out on many topics at many times and in many places, not all of which I can recall. But I stand by what I wrote or said and will be happy to explain my reasoning if asked." Let the would-be critics do the digging.


He omitted SCORES of materials?? WTF!!

Wm. Preskill

He didn't mention brown bag lunch events and alumni get-togethers. Horrors!...I bet he didn't mention who he was rooting for at the ball game or the color of his socks. Whatever.

U.C. Grad

I think that ANYBODY who CANNOT or WILL NOT provide a full disclosure to the Senate Judiciary Committee should automatically be barred from further consideration. No more idiotic hide-the-speeches/proof of my real stances. I believe that this kind of modeling for the youth and young adults of America is ruinous. And, we educators wonder why it seems that more and more students are okay with plagiarizing, cheating on exams, lying to professors, and not accepting responsibility for their actions. It used to be that we could trust, or seemingly trust, people in places of high authority to model the type of behavior that we want and expect of Americans. Clearly, this has either changed, or I have come to a rude awakening. But, it seems that today's youth are getting the message loud and clear: it's okay to cheat, lie, deceive, and in general be dishonest. Be this the case of Liu, I question the Regents' (of U.C.) judgment and discretion in retaining such a person as associate dean and professor of law.

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