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March 10, 2010


Harold L Haukaas

I think if you really are interested in justice and some sort of equitable settlement, you will have to be honest that this game score of Indians 3B; Feds 46B, is far from reality of justice and right. Hiding behind the smoke screen of attoney fees of 100m (which is more than right for the lawyers) is not convincing anyone of your sincerity. Whatever happened the losers of a court case paying the court cost etc.? Why is Indian country having to pay the legal fees out of it's own won settlement? Why, of the $3.4B settlement,is tagged to be returned to the coffers of the Fed Gov if not liquidated in 10yrs? Is this any sense of Right? Surely only an insane and greedy administration can have the gall, the lack of sensitivity, and devoid of sense of right, to even suggest that this settlement is a win win for both parties. If you who say that you are interested in doing right, in your hands it is to rectify this meaningless settlement and restore trust of the Gov to Indian country and to other generations and races of this country.

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