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March 18, 2010


Electronic Cigarettes

When do the FDA people got ideas to save people? Tobacco cigarette contains 4300 chemicals in it. But still tobacco smokes are on fire. But Electronic cigarette contains just an vapor liquid which contains some half gram amount of nicotine in it. But FDA are trying to ban it why its happening? Money is talking for FDA's Lips.


It's great that there is now a rule for tobacco usage and selling especially to children. I know a lot who are getting addicted to smoking, too bad that they are too young for the addiction.

Stop the Big Corporate Alcohol Takeover

When will we start taking on Big Alcohol, which is even worse than tobacco? Binge drinking among college and high school students is on the rise, and corporate alcohol giants remain free to advertise ubiquitously and target kids of all ages. From sports sponsorships to magazine ads to LIMITLESS commercials on programs with a young viewership, like The Colbert Report, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Jay Leno, and MORE..... tobacco has been demonized to the point of obliteration - but alcohol gets a free pass. How many more deaths will we need to see before we wake up to it's deadly killing power? In the end, no one beats his wife under the influence of nicotine, nor kills others on the road from smoking a cigarette. But countless lives are RUINED every day from the ravages of alcohol. And yet, cigarette taxes are $4-5 a pack or more in some places (costing $8-9 retail), while beer is taxes at less 1/3 of a penny a glass. We need to get just as serious about alcohol as we have with other deadly drugs. Limitations on advertising and where alcohol can be consumed - ie, not in "family/children" areas, like Oktoberfest, county fairs, et al - are critically important, as are more public service ads to educate the public and discourage drinking. Alcohol CAUSES cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, and impaired cognition - just look at the research. Instead, we only hear about it's so-called "benefits," all from research funded by Big Corporate Alcohol. Oh, wait a minute - isn't that what big tobacco did too? Until we cut it off? So why are we giving alcohol such a free pass? It's time to change. GET ACTIVE in your schools, your community, and write to your elected officials - raise the tax on alcohol, prevent underage drinking, and get the facts out about its risks. Don't let it go on like it is today..... with nothing happening at all to protect our children and public health.

Oscar in Miami Beach

Great.Tobacco should be prohibited all together.It should be considered a drug and controlled just as marijuana or cocaine.It is addictive and causes the same health problems.When I started smoking it was chic and movie stars promoted it.46 years later,in 2003,I ended up with lung cancer and immediately stop smoking but the damage had been done.Now I'm sorry I smoke at all.It is stupid to smoke cigarettes knowing what we know now about it's deleterious effects.Only dumb people smoke.

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