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March 08, 2010


Craig Johnson

Goodwin Liu is intelligent, competent and will bring an important perspective to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The book he co-authored on the Constitution is engaging, well-written and lays out a comprehensive, thoughtful approach to Constitutional interpretation.


Rich Boxer, I completely disagree. Liu is far more extreme than any of Bush's appellate court nominees. He is not liberal; he is a radical. I mean, does even Obama's "leftist base" want a judge who will always take the murderers' side in death penalty cases?

Also, maybe there is precedent for presidents putting academics on the bench, but all the academics I can think of had actual appellate argument experience. I can't think of a single one who didn't. Can you? The only argument Liu has ever had in any court was ONE argument in a pro bono asylum case, which he volunteered for as a junior associate at O'Melveny, and which apparently he lost.

I agree 100% with Blue Stater: This nomination must be withdrawn.

Rich Boxer

Besides Gerry Lynch, Liu is the only liberal Obama has nominated. Almost all of his nominees have been centrists. So buck up, Blue Stater, his leftist base is extremely disappointed with his selections so far. It does not even approach the partisanship of Bush's or Reagan's nominations. As for experience, there is ample precedent for presidents putting forth academics. Very few nominees have argued before the Supreme Court at all. It's really not a measure of preparedness.

Blue Stater

I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans in the past. I voted for Obama, and for the first time in my life, donated to a presidential campaign. To say I am disappointed in this nomination is the understatement of the year. Liu is the most polarizing, divisive nominee I can recall since Clarence Thomas. It is as if Obama is deliberately sticking a thumb in the eye of all those to whom he promised he would seek consensus and nominate qualified people, instead of young radicals with axes to grind. Liu has a great educational background (as do many other potential candidates), but it stops there. He is inexperienced, having apparently only argued in court a single time (and lost). He espouses views far outside the mainstream, and appears to be as arrogant and demagogic as he is unqualified. This nomination makes me think less of Obama, and I can only hope that the Administration comes to its senses and withdraws the appointment.

Evan Shirley

If Goodwin Liu is not qualifed to be appointed to the Ninth Circuit based because, as Republican Senator Jeff Sessions says "Liu believes the Constitution is something judges can manipulate to have it say what they think culture or evolving standards of decency requires on a given day,” then he should call for the resignation or impeachment of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Allito recently appointed by George W. Bush -- especially in light of their opinions in Citizens United v. FEC.

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