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March 19, 2010


Jeffrey Mc.

In further statement to legal representation, The alternative to providing legal counsel to anyone in need in our courts is time honored,.
Anyone who thinks this is a traitorous action should look to the history books,in particular to the Dredd (spelling?) Scott case, or the more recent horrendous handling of the legal rights of Japanese people during the days of W.W. II. These actions were dictated by prejudicial attitudes of the day.
In the case of the Japanese people living here, Many of whom were legal citizens, legal counsel was all but totally denied or at the very least suspended.
So I say to these lawyers who are following the dictates of the constitution hold your heads up and be proud that you are following reasons that this particular right was enacted by the founding fathers.
One of the acts that makes this country what is usually is, is that even though they are enemies of ours, we still provide them with the right of an open trial with a competent attorney.
Thank you for letting me shoot of my mouth.

Jeffrey Mc.

It is quite understandable that prejudicial
attitudes dictate how people react to the fact that non- citizens are given the right to legal representation in court cases.
Lets remember that when this civil right was enacted the people responsible for it had spent many years of not having this particular right.
I fortunately was born in this country, thanks to the sacrifices of my parents who went through the long immigration requirements to enter.
I and They would applaud the Government for upholding this legal position.
I feel that it upholds the tradition and legal process to comply with it. Even if it means that violent enemies are given competent and ardent legal representation in a open court of law. The lawyers involved are not traitors they are officers of the court performing their legal obligations to uphold the law to anyone in need of them.

alan marks

One lawyer protecting his own kind ...the reality is we have too many lawyers and not enough of those who create and produce wealth or meaningful or artistic work. The lawyers are leeches on others efforts they make nothing,accomplish nothing.
Offering legal advice to those people who want to kill this society and truly innocent people shows just how much they will do to make $. All the rhetoric aside they bill for their hours if they are so dedicated DON'T make the taxpayers pay for it.

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