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September 11, 2009


Holder SUCKS

Eric Holder is no more capable of upholding his oath of office than the janitor in the JUST US dept building is, as an illegal alien. Holder needs to resign, and practice law in some third world gulag where his ilk belongs, not in a building that has the word JUSTICE engraved on it's surface out front. He's antithetical to the term, and solely represents the JUST US DEPT., which is totally fitting for any number of gulags and hellholes he could work in and not have to pretend he represents the seven letter version, no hyphen.

Jim Hurley

More evidence that Senator Schumer in the one that injects biased politics into every decision -- and attempts to influence -- that he makes . . .

When will NY wake up and get rid of Schumer . . . ? Incompetent, disengenuous and downright vindictive don't even begin to describe this guy . . . an excellent example of why the American people have lost all faith in Congress . . .


The Action Complained of Against the Bush Administration was the "Political FIRING of Attorneys," and Not the Schlozman accused "political HIRING of attorneys." With all that needs to be prosecuted by this DoJ, why spend the bullets.

Samuel Lipari

Bradley Schlozman is a RICO Defendant besides misleading Congress and still practicing law. Where is our law enforcement?

Kevin Ready

William Jordan overstepped when he said Attorney General Holder had exonerated Bradley Schlozman. Upholding a US Attorney's decisiopn declining to procsecute is far different from "exonerating." "Disturbing and dismaying" the Attorney General with one's unethical conduct is not the same as being exonerated.

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